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Rob Reuteman

By Rob Reuteman, SABEW president

Several Months ago, Dean Starkman at the Columbia Journalism Review approached me with a request that we jointly set up a process in which SABEW members’ best work could be critiqued by members of his staff.

CJR staffers currently monitor and critique financial coverage through The Audit. But their focus leans heavily toward business journalism originating from New York City or Washington D.C. Dean would like to broaden that focus and bring to light more coverage from around the country.

That’s here SABEW comes in. Starting now, SABEW editors and reporters can send their best work to The Audit to be critiqued. The assessments would be shared nationally, online and sometimes printed in the Columbia Journalism Review. Click here to read Dean Starkman’s complete invitation to SABEW members. Or just send a link with your story and a quick note to:

Ordinarily, SABEW offers to critique members’ work in face-to-face sessions with top editors at our annual or Fall conferences. We’ll continue to do so, but this joint effort will allow the process to be conducted year-round.

This is an experiment. If CJR’s three-person Audit staff is flooded with material from SABEW members, they’ll have to pick and choose what they critique. They cannot promise they’ll get to everything.

With that in mind, offer only your staff’s best work – noteworthy projects, series, profiles, etc. Hopefully we’ll reach a happy medium that will honor everyone’s time and effort.

I encourage you to give this a try. I think it’s a wonderful offer on the part of Starkman, CJR and the Audit staff.The upside for SABEW members could be considerable: top-flight feedback that provides value to all who see it.

Keep in mind, the feedback will be public and the critics may not praise everything they see. With those caveats, let’s do it. Begin sending in your best work and let the rest of us share in the fruits of your labor.

We’ll continue to publicize this collaboration, in order to get it up and running, and we’ll link from our site to the work that is judged.

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