A Symposium to Boost Knowledge of the Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became the ultimate political and legal football in 2012.

The measure, signed into federal law a few years ago and already partly implemented, became a source of political and legal wrangling as voters went to the polls to either re-elect Democratic President Barack Obama, whose fortune was closely tied to the law, and the GOP’s Mitt Romney, who dismissed the law as “Obamacare.”

Then, the football was kicked into the Supreme Court.

Well, the Court upheld the constitutionality of the law, which created sweeping reforms in the nation’s health care system, and later Obama won the election.

Now, the implementation moves at sure and faster speed.

And that’s why we’re here for a “The Business of Health Care,” a special reporters’ symposium conducted by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers and sponsored by The Commonwealth Fund.

The goal over two days will be to introduce fellows to experts in the field and explore ways to improve coverage of the issue.
The issues involved are challenging and ever changing.

Sherry Glied, a professor at Columbia University, a former Obama Administration official and our opening speaker, once said,  “We have a real conflict between how much money we’re willing to spend on health care and how much we want for that money, and that’s a perpetual conflict.”

Fellows will hear from David Blumenthal, the new president of The Commonwealth Fund, and experts from the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute on the development of health care exchanges nationwide.

They’ll hear from Rachel Klein of Enroll America on the challenge of developing understanding about the reforms. They’ll also discuss payment reform in the nature of the development of a high performance health system.  And they’ll learn about how the Affordable Care Act will affect long-established programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Finally, they’ll discuss health care as a business.

It will be a fast-paced two days, continuing SABEW’s partnership with the Fund in bringing quality education about health reform.  Our organizations have been working together for five years now.  This will be our most detailed and intense program yet.

So, sit back, but don’t relax.  Welcome to the business of learning.

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