Members of SABEW, historically known as the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, have joined together in the common pursuit of the highest standards of economic journalism, through both individual and collective efforts. Recognizing that economic freedom is inextricably linked to political freedom and that an informed citizenry can ensure that these freedoms are sustained, it is the Society’s mission as an independent, not-for-profit organization to encourage comprehensive reporting of economic events without fear or favoritism and to upgrade skills and knowledge through continuous educational efforts.

More recently, SABEW has become more focused on press freedom concerns, issuing statements, creating events and training highlighting the importance of journalism, including that fact-based reporting is necessary for the health of robust democracies. SABEW also advocates for full access to financial and economic data, including information collected and distributed by government.

SABEW also holds an annual awards competition highlighting the “Best in Business,” recognizing outstanding journalism conducted in the U.S. and abroad among professionals and students.

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