College Connect: It’s Spring break –Let’s make some money!

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By Alex Missick Life, as an International Student

Spring break is that time of the year that students are ready to throw in the towel on midterm exams and get some much needed rest and relaxation from a hectic spring semester. Figuring out what to do with one free week can be a challenge, especially when money is tight. However, if you make the right moves you can put some extra change in your pockets and not be broke for spring break!

During my first semester at my current university, I had no idea what I was doing for spring break. All of my new friends were traveling to destinations of sun, sand and sea– something I am all too familiar with, being from Bahamas. I wanted to have fun, but I had to remember I was on a budget and far away from relatives. So I crowded up in the back of a friends car and took a two-hour drive to a nearby city. It was an amazing experience and I was able to have a great spring break with only shelling out $50 for gas and food costs.

This spring break however, some persons may not be able to travel. So here are some quick money making tips that can keep you busy and help you get over those fun in the sun blues by having extra money in your pocket!

  • On-Campus Job: If you already have a job as an international student on campus, you are allowed to work extra hours during school instructed breaks. Take the time to talk to your supervisor about working extra hours. This brings some extra money in your pocket and can look good towards your boss. This can also bring added incentives-like a great recommendation letter.
  • Events Promotion: For many traveling students (21 and over), clubs and bars are very popular party spots during spring break. These jobs normally pay based on commission (how many people you get to come to the venue) a base salary or both. They will need extra promoters to get students interested in their events. The only thing you will have to sacrifice is having to work late nights, but the perks of getting into the hottest party in town for free, making new friends and meeting new people makes the job worth while.
  • Child Care: Do not assume that Spring Break is only for those of us that are in college. Elementary school, middle and even high school kids get to enjoy it as well. As most of their parents may have to work they will be looking for someone to look after their children during the day. If you have experience with and are good with children, you can team up with a friend that already does babysitting as a side job and share profits of babysitting. This is a great way of earning extra cash and may even give you the chance to share things about your culture with young ones.

The most crucial part of any spring break plans you have made is to have fun. If you decide to take on odd jobs or planning a trip that is within your budget, you can be happy knowing that your parents will not worry about you in a foreign country or the bill they will get afterwards.

Alex Missick is a junior majoring in journalism at the University of Missouri. She’s an international student from the Bahamas.

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