College Connect: Need a fresh look at your spending? There’s an app for that.

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Smartphone apps are seemingly everywhere these days – one for every purpose imaginable. Some are for fun and others for work. But what if you need to get your financial life in order?

The first, and some might say the only, app you need is Mint. It is the perfect way to get a birds-eye view of your personal finances. You can either input information or more conveniently securely connect your credit card information to get a detailed report of how you spend your money. There are attractive graphs and charts to better give you an idea exactly where the money is going. You also have the ability to link your investment information and bank statements for a fuller view of your net worth.

One of the best features Mint offers is called Goals. You can set up a goal for almost anything you can think of. Imagine you want to do a backpacking trip through Europe. You can calculate about how much money you will need and then Mint asks for a deadline. Once that deadline is set, you can come up with a customized plan for saving money and achieving that goal of yours. Another nice feature about this app is that whatever you do on your mobile device automatically is synced to

Another idea is to check with your bank. Most banks today have apps you can download that give you more robust access to your bank accounts on the go. You can securely view your account, transfer money and even cash checks all from the palm of your hand. Of course, you will want to check with your bank for the exact features it offers for their app.

The Paypal app offers another layer of convenience for your personal finance needs. It has simple interface that is quick and easy to learn. It’s a great mobile payment app that allows you to send money, request money, or find businesses in your area that accept Paypal. As you might expect, it also serves as an easy way to make payments online.

The whirlwind of apps might make your head spin, but all you need are a few good apps to help you manage your money. It could help you save money, make better purchases, and help plan for a future expense. While the technology exists to help you better assess your personal finances, the onus is on you to use the apps and take control of your financial situation.


Alon Galboa is a senior journalism student at the University of Missouri.



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