Watson book on “Surviving Journalism” to be published by Marion Street Press

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Warren Watson, author and SABEW executive director

Warren Watson, author and SABEW executive director

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PHOENIX —  Warren Watson’s book, “Surviving Journalism,” will be published next year by Marion Street Press of Portland, Ore.

The project by the SABEW executive director examines the convulsive effects of journalism’s changes, including layoffs, firings, new business models and the Internet, on career journalists.

Watson’s manuscript is due to the publisher on May 1, 2015.   Watson began the project in July 2013, drawing on experiences of dozens of journalists and colleagues whose careers have been short-circuited during the move to digital journalism and financial crises in media.

The book was previewed earlier this year on the SABEW website.


Beth Macy, author of

Beth Macy, author of

Marion Street is a publisher specializing in practical texts about journalism and writing.

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