AAJA will be hosting a leadership conference in Miami, Nov. 6 – 8

Posted By Crystal Beasley

For the past 20 years, AAJA has cultivated and coached nearly 500 industry professionals through their Executive Leadership Program (ELP). Their alumni have gone on to become editors and managers at established news organizations such as the New York Times and NBCUniversal as well as emerging content, media, and tech companies such as Google.

The conference is open to all media professionals with at least 5 years of working experience or anyone who is overseeing a major initiatives.

Sessions include:

  • Unconscious bias and decision-making – Learn how to leverage the power of our differences. Better decision-making in a diverse workforce requires new levels of emotional and cultural intelligence. This session will outline several psychological biases that are common in a diverse environment, teach you how to become more aware of these biases, and understand their impact on you and your organization.
  • Work-life integration: Fostering resilience in a changing economy– In a world of rapid change and 24/7 connectivity, the new normal means building a life that seamlessly integrates work/career aspirations and personal needs/values. This session considers the challenges created when the boundaries between professional and personal lives are increasingly unclear. It will help you reassess what you want from work and life; and develop strategies to address those challenges.
  • Problem solving via the Human Centered Design process –Learn how to solve problems by coming up with practical, creative, workable solutions through this human-centered design. This approach to problem solving starts and ends with people. During this workshop, you’ll get a crash course on the process and then go through a mini design challenge to learn how this method can be applied to your everyday work.
  • How you fit into the bottom line?– Where does your job fit into your company’s business model? This session will discuss current business models for the media industry, including pricing, sales and marketing. We’ll also talk about product development, business strategy and the latest economic trends.
  • Listen to Me: The art of the pitch, the speech, and crucial meeting–  A great pitch to your boss or funders is more than coming up with a great powerpoint. Learn how to structure your pitch; create a clear, concise, persuasive message that is easily understood and articulated – and what sets an awesome pitch apart from an average one.

Here’s the complete list of programs and fees visit  http://icon.aaja.org/.  Additional speaker info will be available in coming weeks.

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