College Connect: Saving Money on college text books

Posted By Crystal Beasley

By Brea Love

As college comes to an end I’m looking back on the things I wish I would of known while I was here. Its not where the good parties were, or what easy classes I could of taken. I wish I would of known how to not dish out hundreds and hundreds on books each semester. It was so frustrating buying a $100 book; just to find out I barely needed it, and never opened it. I’ll share my foolproof tips to save you some dollars when it comes to situations like these.

If your school has an early bird special utilize it. I can’t stress this enough. When you order your books early you know they won’t run out. I’ve made that mistake a few times, and instead of getting a rental, I’ve had to buy the book new. A new book price is almost two times the price of a rental. Don’t lose those extra dollars. Also you wont have to go elsewhere if all of your books are ready for you when the semester begins.

Always do your research. There are tons of sites that rate classes and professors. Listen to what your friends say about classes they’ve taken. If you’re in that class and you hear no one used the books the entire semester, don’t buy them. Reading plans can change, but they usually don’t. If you want to be precautionary you can purchase your books, ask around, and return them before the cut off date.

One thing I never thought of until my senior year was utilizing the local library. I took an online class and forgot to order my books. I needed to start it a.s.a.p. so I went to my local library and was able to check out the book for free, and they let me keep it for over a month. When you take classes with a lot of novels like I did. This is way to save hundreds.

If you can’t go the free route go the discounted route. I always buy my books on amazon if I have to. Bookstore prices can be pricey. Rentals are good, but when it comes to buying try online. Sometimes novels can go for a dollar. The shipping can get you, but it’s definitely less than what you’ll be paying at your bookstore.

I recommend doing a price comparison. Take the list of books you need, go to the bookstore, and compare them. Find out which ones you can rent, if they’re used, or if you should search elsewhere. That’s the best first step to saving the most money.

Brea Love is a student at University of Missouri

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