College Connect: Saving money on college travel

Posted By Crystal Beasley

By Brea Love

When we think of the most expensive thing we could possibly do in college it probably involves taking a trip somewhere. I’ve been on quite a few trips within the last four years, and I never thought I could afford them until I met my friend who was a travel guru. She knew all about how to travel cheap. She is a major saver, but we’ve gotten hotel rooms and cabins for less than $100 with her tips and tricks.

Look for it…

There are travel sites specifically for college students, especially for spring break trips. They will even let you put money down on a trip and pay for it in installments. We did this for Cancun one year; the travel agency was doing one specifically for our school. We were able to pick the package we wanted. It included room, transportation, and activities. If this a route you think could work for you and your friends just search online for “student travel agencies”.

Cars can be your friend…

I know we have all hated the family vacations where you’re trapped with mom, dad, and your little brother in the car for what feels like days. Well good news, this time you’re not with your family, you’re with your friends. If five of you are riding around in the car, you’re splitting gas 5 ways. Take whichever friend’s car with the best gas mileage and you might be paying $5 a tank. Also what’s better than singing tons of road trip songs with the people you feel like you’ll always want to be around?

Try something new…

Two really good options for traveling are the Megabus, and the train. I know the train sounds slow and boring, but it’s a really cool experience. My best friend’s nephew rode one for 100 miles to visit us and he said he’d choose the train over driving or flying any day. On the train he came in on, there were snacks, large seats, and peace and quiet. He even said the view was great. This mode of transportation might take longer but taking the train can save a lot or money. The Megabus, a low-cost bus company with limited city service is a little different. It’s kind of like taking a city bus around, but much nicer and bigger. I’ve chosen this way to get around and I thought it was a great idea. I’ve taken the best naps of my life on Megabus, and it’s an easy way to sit back, relax, and not have to worry about where you’re going.

Traveling can be super pricey, but as you can see with a little sacrifice you can avoid those flying costs and save that money for something fun to do on your trip. Once you find out how to get there you can start digging for deals on where you’re staying and what fun things are there for you to partake in.

Brea Love is a student at University of Missouri

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