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2FB55504-A661-4FD6-B040-65CCEBA008CDBy Krandall Brantley

Several times throughout my first 3 years of college, my mother kept saying she was planning on getting rid of cable because my parents were paying too much for a bunch of channels they didn’t use.

I knew she wasn’t a big fan of cable, but I didn’t expect it to actually happen.

I was on my way home for spring break junior year of college and I planned on relaxing on the couch to watch the NCAA tournament on the big screen. Once I arrived home and turned on the television, I assumed it wasn’t working because a cord was disconnected, just to find out that my parents stopped paying for cable.

I was crushed at first until I understood the details. The cable bill was $254 per month for two boxes, HBO and Showtime.

The cable bill went up as high as $311 a month and every time my mother complained, Time Warner Cable told her they were running a special discount and the discount time period was over.

Every deal with time Warner Cable is temporary and the bill goes up higher than the normal price after the deals ends.

For two years my parents only used Netflix and Hulu along with the basic national channels like CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC.

Along with saving over $250 a month, they can watch sporting events together at my father’s office or use their Google chromecast device to live stream games and television shows.

They recently purchased apple TV, which is much cheaper and it carries all the channels they watched using cable.

My lesson learned was that there’s no point of paying for hundreds of channels you never watch. Plus, without the temptation of being lazy and watching television for hours, your chances of being productive are much higher.

Within the last two years, I’ve been ten times more productive and read more books at my parent’s house than ever before.

Getting rid of cable can save you thousands of dollars per year and potentially help you accomplish more throughout the day

Krandall Brantley is a student at Arizona State University 

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