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HeadshotBy Judson Tomaiko

Change has a way of being taken for granted. Not “change” like the concept of something new happening but rather the physical metal coins that people get from a business on the off-chance they didn’t use their debit card.

The collective place that pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters have in our society has become apparent. Lost in couch cushions, dropped in gutters and even thrown away, the number of places where coins are casually tossed aside shows how little they are cared for.

One only needs to count the number of change they have found on sidewalks compared to the number of dollar bills to see how paper money is deemed drastically more important. I feel the same way.

Or at least I did, until about a year ago after I had finished off a jar of pickles and decided to rinse it out instead of throwing it away. From there I gathered up all the change from miscellaneous areas around my house, put all of it in the jar and then placed the jar on my desk.

For no reason beyond the sake of saving, I made it a goal over those next six months to fill that jar with change.

It went well beyond simply making sure to keep my change and put it in the jar at the end of the day. If there was a penny on the ground, I stopped to pick it up. When my friends had loose change on the floorboards of their car, I hunched over to snag it.

After several months of aggressively grabbing every coin in sight to the point where I had a collection of coins from other countries, I finally went to my credit union and got a handful of coin sleeves.

After an hour of counting coins, my total rounded out to $52. While that may not be big money, it is $52 that I definitely would not have had originally and over time that can easily add up.

So go out and be a literal penny pincher, you never know just how much it will save you.

Judson Tomaiko is a student at Arizona State University 

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