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anthonyBy Anthony Prosceno

When traveling, it is a good idea to carry a little extra cash because it may turn out that your physical dollars may more value than your credit cards.

Last year, a group of friends and I went on vacation in Mexico, and a couple of my friends decided they would withdraw money across the border. Before leaving home, I withdrew the money I would need for the trip with a little extra for emergencies.

When arriving to our hotel, some my friends attempted to withdraw pesos from an ATM, but they had forgotten to notify their banks before traveling. Because of this, their cards wouldn’t work in the machines and they couldn’t take out any money, which left them almost broke for the vacation.

Luckily for our group, two of us had enough dollars for our party to still live comfortably and have a good time for the duration of our stay because we had planned ahead in case of an emergency.

This experience helped me realize that debit and credit cards are virtually worthless without the correct tools, and hard currency will be accepted anywhere. When planning to travel, everyone should pack extra cash because it has real value, and credit cards can’t always replace physical currency.

Anthony Prosceno is a student at Arizona State University 

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