College Connect: Saving money

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IMG_0207By Larissa Garza

Spending cash is a lot easier when you aren’t looking forward to a paycheck every week. As a server and bartender, most of the time my paychecks are about $20. However, after every night I get to walk away with the money I made that night. It’s the perfect job for a college student because you are able to pick up more shifts and walk away with the money you need when you’re short on it. One of the first things I started doing when I started serving was thinking that I had the ability to spend whatever cash I had. When I had an hourly job, I would use whatever cash that I had as spending money. But, when all of money turned into cash I quickly ran out of money to spend and pay my bills. One of the things that I quickly learned was how to save money. Every night after getting off of work, I would deposit whatever bills larger than a five dollar bill I made into the bank and allow myself to keep whatever five dollar bills and one dollar bills that I earned that night. I would allow myself to spend the five dollar bills however I wanted to and I would put the one dollar bills into a box that I had in my room. The money quickly added up in my bank account as well as in the box. I could then save money for a big purchase while still being able to pay my bills at the end of the month. I was able to get comfortable with a saving method that I could use that benefitted me when I was working in the restaurant industry.

Larissa Garza is a student at Arizona State University 

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