College Connect: Why I never buy anything that’s not on sale

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Kourtney Balsan, ASU Cronkite School

2016-05-27_23-38-04I never buy anything that isn’t on sale. Red stickers and slashed prices is my norm. Why?

Well, besides the fact I am a broke college student, I realized that everything will usually go on sale eventually. I learned this life tip through my own shopping experience. I love to shop, so much so, that I consider it a recreational sport or a means of relaxation. The feeling of buying something new to add to my collection of ‘other things I don’t need,’ is euphoric. My obsession got me in somewhat of a bind, as you may have guessed. Well, maybe not a bind as much as severe buyer’s remorse.

During my first job in high school, I felt rich like a Rockefeller. I had all this money with no loans, debts, insurances or mortgages, (you know… everything everyone complains about). One day I was shopping, of course, when I came upon a designer luxury purse that I just had to have. When I looked at the price tag, I knew immediately that I shouldn’t buy it, but somehow I had convinced myself I needed it because you know, $495 isn’t that expensive right? I mean, I had no loans or responsibilities, so why not? I bought it. With taxes, it turned out to be about $544.

At the time, I was convinced that around 75 hours with of work, was worth this perfect bag. I was on a buying high, thinking I was so cool for having this bag. I was 17 years old, what was I doing with such a luxury bag. I was too nervous to take it anywhere added to the fact I had nowhere to go that calls for such a bag. I just kept my pride and joy hidden away in my room waiting for the perfect time to use it.

Two months later, I was out and about shopping. I had come across my purse. Of course I had to look at the price tag. It was 40% off, in addition to the store’s holiday sales of an extra 50% off the total purchase.   I could have bought the purser far, far less. The guilt rushed through me as I felt like a fool. There are so many other things I could have done with that money, like save for something usable and realistic. I will never buy anything full priced again. I just don’t see the need to. Prices drop on everything. I should have known better considering I worked in retail where the managers would peal the tags reading the actual marked down price, just to stick a for sale sign on top of the end-cap, reading “Newly Marked: 25% off today only!”

I learned my lesson the hard way and I am writing in hopes no one will make the same mistake. Do research before you buy anything. Most store have legitimate sales and can save you legitimate money. In today’s day and age with coupons galore and retail phone apps, there is no reason to buy anything you don’t feel you’re getting a good deal on. Don’t fall victim to buyer’s remorse.

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