College Connect: Best money-saving apps for students

Posted By Crystal Beasley

By Emma Diltz

At this age, students struggle with saving money. There’s rent to pay off, groceries to buy and miscellaneous bills to check off. But half of the fun in college is being able to go out with your friends, whether it is dinner, drinks or concerts. The problem with all of these is how much money they cost. I’ve compiled the best apps that students can use to save money for the fun parts of their lives.

One of my favorite apps is Epicurious. Because I’m a foodie and love to cook, this app is a great way to make solid meals without spending a ton of money. It’s easy to go over your budget while eating out—it’s quick, it’s efficient and if you can’t cook, it tastes a lot better. What I love about this app is it helps plan recipes with the ingredients already in the kitchen so you don’t have to go buy more.

Groupon is amazing. I use this all the time, whether I’m on my phone or my computer. Depending on where you are, the app will detect your location and tell you about the deals in your area, connecting you to coupons and deals. It can be used for stores, events, activities or restaurants. It not only gives you exposure to great companies you might not know about, but it presents you with great deals, as well.

Wallaby is a great app, but it’s only helpful to those who have multiple credit cards. Nonetheless, keep the idea stored away for later use. Wallaby is an app that allows you to enter all the credit cards you have, and based on where you go, it’ll tell you which card to use to rseap the most benefits. With so many credit card reward programs, it can be difficult to know which card is best in any given situation — this app takes the guesswork out of the process.

RoverTown is an app that is tailored directly to college students. It allows you to follow your favorite local businesses through student discount programs. What’s great about this app is you don’t have to show your student ID, just the app, and you can receive discounts at colleges all over the United States. I love this because my home is really close to the University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University, so I’m able to still get discounts, even if I’m not at the University of Missouri.

Diltz is a junior studying journalism at the University of Missouri.

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