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Friday, March 31st, 2017

Nominees Announced: SABEW Canada’s 3rd Annual Best in Business Awards

TORONTO, March 31, 2017 /CNW/ - The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Canada is excited to announce the list of nominees for the 3rd Annual Best In Business Awards competition, recognizing outstanding business reporting published or broadcast in 2016. This year, SABEW Canada received a record number of submissions from journalists across the country. The nominees represent ...[Read More]
Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Teletraining: Investigating Nonprofit Organizations

April 2017 The more than 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States employs more than 10 percent of the U.S. workforce and contributes more than $900 billion to the economy. The sector offers ample opportunities for business journalists to dive into financial records and databases and find stories that can have a substantial impact on the organizations themselves, their ...[Read More]
Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Lawrence Ingrassia receives SABEW’s 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award

Lawrence Ingrassia, managing editor of the Los Angeles Times, will receive the Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ highest honor, its Distinguished Achievement Award, for 2017. The award is given to an individual who has made a significant impact on the field of business journalism and who has served as a nurturing influence on others in the profession. Ingrassia will accept ...[Read More]
Friday, March 17th, 2017

Journalists Honored in SABEW’s 22nd Annual Best in Business Competition

The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) on March 17, 2017, announces the results of its 22nd annual Best in Business competition, which recognizes outstanding stories published or aired in 2016. The 112 winners and honorable mentions represent all formats and corners of the world. One hundred seventy-five news organizations submitted 946 entries across 65 categories. For ...[Read More]
Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

October 12-13: SABEWNYC17

Thank you all for helping make SABEWNYC17 a success!...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Credit scores can be confusing

By Yu Zhang As an international student, I am a newcomer as to the credit scores in the U.S. As soon as I was told that a U.S. credit card will benefit me in terms of flying miles and, I went to Chase to applied for a credit card. However, I was turned down as my credit history was too short. I turned to Discover instead which does not require any credit history. I paid every month on time and ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Putting time and money in perspective

By Michelle Maki When I first watched “The Avengers,” I leaned over and asked my friends, “How much do you think it would cost to rebuild the whole city after they’re done?” As a journalism major, I ask too many questions — some about Marvel movies, but others about issues that impact a community. The way people live is hugely affected by money and the economy, which motivates me ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Staying on top of finances

By Saundra Wilson This year I got my first credit card and I had a sentimental moment in my car afterwards. I realized that there was no going back. I had taken a giant leap into the pool of adulthood and was officially submerged. No parent’s name next to mine on the paperwork in case of an emergency. Nope. This one was all me! In order to avoid getting into the habit of spending money that ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – My first paycheck

By Ross Leviton One of my first, and most memorable times with money was after the arrival of my first paycheck. I had volunteered with a company for a few months and they had decided to hire me, which meant I was going to get paid! I remember having to figure out my Social Security number and the confusion I felt when I first had a W-2 placed in front of me. I turned my timesheet in to my boss ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Exchange rates

By Ziluo Qiu When thinking about money, the first thing that comes to my mind is the exchange rate. I am an international student. It is necessary for me to understand exchange rate because it affects my life abroad. I was interested in exchange rates the first time I know about them. It is not difficult to understand that different countries use different currency. I still remember the first time ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Investing in the future

By Madison Alder A time I learned something about money was when I discovered my summer internship had automatically set up a 401K for me and I had to transfer the balance. I learned about the account when I received a letter in the mail informing me I needed to transfer the money from the 401K into a private savings account as soon as possible. Not knowing what that really meant, I called up the ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Fake discounts

By Lan Jiang,, and, these e-commerce websites provide cheaper goods than that in the off-line stores. It is very often that those e-commerce websites providing a discount on some special festivals, such as Best Buy’s time-limited discount on the President Day. However, a shrewd customer would find out some discounts are fake. For example, one designer’s ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Real world budgeting

By Kara Carlson When you’re sixteen years old, getting your license finally means freedom. For me, as student involved in several extracurriculars and two sports it meant that my long days at least began and ended with me behind the wheel. Even if that meant carting myself off to games up to an hour away I loved every minute of my new found independence. But then gas prices steeply began to ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Keeping a budget

By Jenna Miller Most of my life I haven’t kept a budget. I didn’t see the need to put energy into recording what I make and spend. I never looked at my credit statement or my bills and I thought it worked totally fine. Even living in New York City, paying for college, rent and food, I always found there was magically enough left at the end of the month to polish off my bills and my credit card ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Line of credit

By Corinne Roels Something that I learned a lot about during while working in retail was how applying for credit cards and acquiring them can affect your credit score.  As an employee of a large-size mall retailer, it was frequently a part of our required performance to "sell" credit cards to customers.  This was often challenging, as customers don't always want to open up a line of credit with ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – The lessons of money

By Brianna Stearns Although some may warn that money is the root of all evil, my life would be vastly different if I had not had the financial ability to participate in luxuries such as traveling, trying new activities and attending an out-of-state university. With money can come greed, but if spent wisely, money brings experiences that can positively and irreversibly impact your life and your ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – Gambling in Las Vegas

By Allie Morgan Newman Like many people do, I celebrated by 21st birthday in Las Vegas. To celebrate I want all my friends to come and some were not 21. This posed a huge problem that only a fake id could solve. All of my friends researched online and found the best fake id website Idgod that made us perfect fake ids. It is easy to see the opportunity to both spend and make money in a place like ...[Read More]
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

College Connect – My first credit card

By Alexa Nicole D’Angelo The first time I really started to think about money was when I got my first credit card. I am a notorious shopaholic with a tendency to shop until I have nothing in my bank account when I am stressed. I got my first credit card with a limit of $1,200 and within two months, I had maxed it out. No one had really explained credit to me, other than I knew I needed to have ...[Read More]
Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Training – Fighting Fake News

The digital transformation that is reshaping the news business introduced yet another new challenge: fake news. SABEW’s March training session will feature a panel of experts assembled to address this issue. They’ll talk about fact checking, what respected news organizations are doing to respond to fake news, and what this phenomenon means for the future of business journalism. Monday, March ...[Read More]

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