Chobani CEO Has a Favorite Product

Posted By Crystal Beasley

By Denver Ellison and Reann Huber
Cox-SABEW Fellows, University of Georgia

Chobani produces eight product lines, but its founder and CEO said he has a favorite.

“I love these days my drinks,” said Hamdi Ulukaya. “I just have one in the morning and then I go. We just did a piña colada Chobani drink and that’s at the top of my list these days.”

Speaking to reporters during an October conference of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Ulukaya provided a look into his personal connection with Chobani’s product line. Even though he picked a personal favorite, Ulukaya said he truly loves all of the products his company produces and is heavily involved with the process of making them.

He said constant updates in products and flavors are vital so that customers can choose the products they like based on food memories they may have of that flavor. He believes in variety.

“This is beautiful thing for food makers to think about: ‘How do I connect the food memories that people have and [what is] a delicious way I can help bring those memories back’,” Ulukaya asked rhetorically. “So at Chobani, we have a food memory concept.”

Each line of Chobani products comes in an array of flavors. For example, the fruit on the bottom yogurt cups come in 14 different flavors and the Chobani Flip products come in 22 flavors.

Even with multiple product lines and a wide range of flavors, Ulukaya said Chobani wants to maintain relatively low prices to remain competitive. The average price for a fruit on the bottom yogurt cup ranges from $1 to $1.50 in most markets. Ulukaya said it is important to keep his products affordable while also maintaining nutritional value.

“So three pounds of milk becomes a pound of yogurt,” Ulukaya said. “So that cup of yogurt has about 12 grams of protein. Very real food and the ingredients are extremely pure. So with that nutritional intensity, I do not believe I can come any lower than that.”

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