2018 Best in Business Honorees

Posted By Aimee O'Grady

Congratulations to the 2018 Best in Business award winners! You will be honored at SABEW19 in Phoenix, May 16-18. Honorees can attend the full conference at a discounted registration rate. Thank you BIB judges for your time and talent reviewing entries and meeting to discuss honorees.

2018 BIB Judges

Complete list of BIB winning entries and newsrooms

2018 BIB Contest Winners

Audio; All News Organizations

Banking/Finance; Large

Banking/Finance; Medium

Banking/Finance; Small

Breaking News; Large

Breaking News; Medium

Breaking News; Small

Commentary/Opinion; Large

Commentary/Opinion; Medium

Commentary/Opinion; Small

Economics; Large

Economics; Medium

Economics; Small

Energy/Natural Resources; Large

Energy/Natural Resources; Medium

Energy/Natural Resources; Small

Explanatory; Large

Explanatory; Medium

Explanatory; Small

Feature; Large

Feature; Medium

Feature; Small

General Excellence; Industry/Topic-Specific Publications

General Excellence; Large

General Excellence; Medium

General Excellence; Small

Government; Large

Government; Medium

Government; Small

Health/Science; Large

Health/Science; Medium 

Health/Science; Small

Innovation; Large

Innovation; Medium

Innovation; Small

International Reporting; Large

International Reporting; Medium

International Reporting; Small

Investigative; Large

Investigative; Medium

Investigative; Small

Markets; Large

Markets; Medium

Markets; Small

Media/Entertainment; Large

Media/Entertainment; Medium

Media/Entertainment; Small

Newsletter; Large

Newsletter; Medium

Newsletter; Small

Personal Finance; Large

Personal Finance; Medium

Personal Finance; Small

Real Estate; Large

Real Estate; Medium

Real Estate; Small

Retail; Large

Retail; Medium

Retail; Small

Small Business/Management/Career; Large

Small Business/Management/Career; Medium

Small Business/Management/Career; Small

Student Journalism; Projects and Collaborations

Student Journalism; Stories Written for Professional Publications

Student Journalism; Stories produced for Student News Organizations

Technology; Large

Technology; Medium

Technology; Small

Travel/Transportation; Large

Travel/Transportation; Medium

Travel/Transportation; Small

Video; Large

Video; Medium and Small

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