TORONTO, April 22, 2019 — Last week, SABEW Canada announced the winners of the Best in Business Awards, celebrating excellence in Canadian journalism.

This is the fifth year for the awards, which are sponsored by the Canadian chapter of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). The BIB Awards are the only journalism awards program in Canada that specifically recognizes exemplary works of journalism that relate to business, finance and the economy.

Thanks to our sponsors, who helped make the event possible: TD Bank, Facebook, Accenture, Fidelity Canada, BusinessWire, Manulife Financial and Longview Communications.

Audio or visual storytelling
Gold: WTFinance video series, Prajakta Dhopade (MoneySense)
Silver: Pot supply, Timothy Moore and Chris Manza (The Globe and Mail)

Beat reporting, presented by TD Bank
Gold: Janet McFarland on real estate (The Globe and Mail)
Silver: Naomi Powell on trade (Financial Post)

Gold: Kevin Carmichael (Financial Post)
Silver: Rita Trichur (Report on Business magazine)

Breaking news, presented by Accenture
Gold: NAFTA coverage by Adrian Morrow, Robert Fife, Stephanie Nolen, Barrie McKenna, Eric Atkins, James Bradshaw, Andrew Willis, Tim Kiladze, David Parkinson, Josh O’Kane, Sean Silcoff, Susan Krashinsky Robertson, Rob Carrick, John Ibbitson and Campbell Clark (The Globe and Mail)
Silver: USMCA coverage by Kevin Carmichael, Tom Blackwell, Naomi Powell, James McLeod and Emily Jackson (Financial Post) 

Editorial newsletter
Gold: Daily briefing (The Logic)
Silver: Cannabis Professional (The Globe and Mail)

Feature (long-form), presented by Longview Communications
Gold: “The unsolved murder of an unusual billionaire,” Matthew Campbell (Bloomberg)
Silver: “The city that had too much money,” Matthew Campbell and Natalie Obiko Pearson (Bloomberg)

Feature (short-form)
Gold: “Toronto website Providr bets it can beat Facebook’s algorithm change” by Susan Krashinsky Robertson and Shane Dingman (The Globe and Mail)
Silver: “How to lose big money in Toronto real estate” by Joe Castaldo (Maclean’s)

Gold: “Hustle in the oil patch” by Jeffrey Jones, Jeff Lewis, Renata D’Aliesio and Chen Wang (The Globe and Mail)
Silver: “The high cost of low corporate taxes” by Marco Chown Oved, Toby Heaps and Michael Yow (Corporate Knights)

Personal finance and investing, presented by Fidelity
Gold: “Go out on top” by Frances Bula (BC Business)
Silver: “The Year of Fear” by Bryan Borzykowski, Joe Castaldo and John Daly (Report on Business magazine)

Gold: Innovation (Financial Post)
Silver: #MeToo by Armina Ligaya (Canadian Press)

Gold: “Darren Entwistle’s long goodbye” by Christine Dobby (Report on Business magazine)
Silver: “The Decider” by Luc Rinaldi (Pivot)

Scoop, presented by BusinessWire
Gold: “How the government could net $200 billion selling off airports, major highways, utilities and Canada Post” by Zane Schwartz (The Logic)
Silver: “Oil-sands outage upends global oil market, overshadowing OPEC” by Robert Tuttle and Kevin Orland (Bloomberg)

Trade article
Gold: “In the dark” by Daniel Fish (Precedent)
Silver: “Selling out” by Tristan Bronca (The Medical Post)

Outstanding Achievement Award
Claudia Cattaneo (Financial Post)

As Financial Post editor Nicole MacAdam put it in her nomination letter: “Claudia has been one of the most influential voices in Western Canada for nearly three decades. She is one of those rare journalists who earned the respect of both her peers and the energy industry due to her thorough, balanced reporting and deep understanding of the issues that matter to Albertans. But it wasn’t just her ability to break news that made her a must-read; it was her ability to bring context and analysis to these stories. Claudia was also the ultimate colleague, generously giving of her time to all who asked. Claudia was an editor’s dream right till the day she retired in May 2018: Deeply experienced but with the keenness of a rookie ready for the day—pitching something nearly every day; unflinching reporting, but with a delightful turn of phrase; blunt in her critique but with an acute sense of fairness.”


Best Young Journalist, presented by Manulife Financial
Zane Schwartz (The Logic)

In just four years, Zane has gathered an impressive body of work. As the 2017 Michelle Lang Fellow in journalism at the National Post and Calgary Herald, he ​created the first searchable database of more than five million political donations in every province and territory—a project that won him a Data Journalism Award from the Global Editors Network in 2018. He helped modernize Maclean’s 25-year-old university rankings system, a project that saw him hire and manage 23 freelancers to work on a 400,000-point database. He has been with The Logic since Day 1, where he has had a hand in everything from design to hiring new staff to editing investigations on Canada’s innovation economy and, as a reporter, consistently breaking national news. This prize comes with a trip to the SABEW fall conference in New York City in October.