Section 1.
Membership in the Society shall be restricted to persons for whom a significant part of their occupation involves writing, reporting, editing or overseeing business, financial or economic news for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals, books, press or syndicated services, radio or television, online publications, or other media approved by the board and to teachers and students of business journalism or business media subjects at recognized colleges or universities or other organizations approved by the Society’s Board of Governors.

Members may also retain full membership status upon honorably leaving the practice of business journalism but who continue to maintain their membership in the Society by timely payment of annual dues and by conducting themselves in accord with this constitution and bylaws.

Section 2.
Members shall be accepted through application to the Society’s administrative office and approval by a majority of the board of governors. The board shall consider memberships at least twice a year in the spring and fall.

Section 3.
Those seeking membership who do not meet membership requirements may be designated as associate members with no voting privileges and no eligibility to serve on the board of governors, unless the board of governors determines that their association detracts from the standards and goals of the Society. An associate member may continue in that status and participate in the activities of the Society by paying an annual associate member’s fee.

Section 4.
The board of governors shall have the power to terminate the membership of a member who, in the opinion of two-thirds of the board, is not qualified for membership or who has caused embarrassment to the Society. Said member shall have the right to seek a review of the board’s action at the next annual convention. The member may be reinstated by the approval of two-thirds of the voting members at the annual membership meeting.