National Public Radio
New York, NY

Job Description
Planet Money is a collaborative, tight-knit team with broad creative freedom to tell stories. Sometimes it’s a character narrative, field reporting or an expert interview, or trying things for ourselves like buying 1,000 barrels of oil. Humor, antics, empathy, pathos, metaphor, quizzes or song. We deploy whatever tools needed to best explain, engage and entertain. We’re looking for two supervising senior editors with news instincts, narrative audio chops and leadership experience to spot stories, sharpen scripts and set a coverage agenda; offer constructive, rigorous, fair feedback with empathy and kindness; and push our staff to grow.

Job Qualifications

  • Experience leading a team of journalists, having tough conversations with empathy and kindness, aiding in the professional development of junior staff, motivating a team, maintaining high morale, infusing the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and creativity into every aspect of the editorial process.
  • Narrative audio journalism experience
  • 7+ years experience explaining complicated topics to audiences, as a journalist, writer, teacher or other setting.
  • 7+ years experience in a deadline news environment (though this job is NOT itself a news job)
  • 5+ Experience editing the work of others
  • Demonstrated experience innovating in storytelling with examples you can point to
  • Audio production skills
  • Expertise in business and economics