Denver, CO
Application Deadline: August 30
How to Apply: Email

Deke seeks a business news editor with strong writing and rewriting skills, combined with opinion-page sensibilities or experience and a strong client-collaboration mentality. 

Deke is a fast-growing pioneering firm in a category we call expert news. We help business leaders produce columns and opinion content for the national business and trade press. Our experts have produced articles for Forbes, Fortune, Marketwatch, The Boston Globe, USA Today, and Business Insider and such trades as Mergers & Acquisitions, Fierce Healthcare and PE Hub. Deke-guided content is not PR, advertorial or self-promotional. It’s earned media that meets the highest standards of editorial quality. We do not produce sponsored content or pay-for-play. 

Skills and qualifications:

  • Experience in one or more of these areas is desirable: Healthcare, Finance, Law/Consulting, Technology and Higher Education.

  • You’ll be adept at a wide spectrum of commentary types – opinion, data journalism, analysis, listicles, trend pieces, how-to, second-day analysis, etc.

  • You’ll be collaborative – able to work with subject matter experts, their compliance teams and news editors to create the highest-value content for all parties. 

  • You are the one for this job if you were the go-to person in the newsroom for punching up tortured or technical stories to make them not just readable, but a good read. You’ll also be known for your fast, strong, accurate writing and editing skills, and your excellent headlines. 

  • You must be able to bring clarity and a compelling quality to sometimes dry subject matter.

  • Curiosity about the dynamics underpinning B2B sectors, and a strategic mindset, is a must.

  • Must be capable of adapting copy to suit a range of publications and audiences. 

  • Background as a business or financial news editor is a huge plus, as well as your deep knowledge of the fast-changing media industry.

  • Wire service alums/financial and business news editors, please apply. 

  • The position is remote, though the ability to meet  in-person with news editors in the New York/Northern NJ media corridor will be a plus. There may be occasional travel to offices in Denver.


  • You’ll be overseeing the drafting and editing of expert commentary for a wide variety of subject matter experts. You’ll also use proprietary data tools to identify new, in-demand story ideas and facilitate publication of the articles. 

  • Find, train and assign freelance writers.

  • Place expert news articles with editors based on your understanding of their audiences, their editorial calendars and their immediate content needs,

  • Be enthusiastic about learning about sectors that include private equity, asset management, accounting/consulting, legal, venture capital and healthcare, among others. You must be able to hold your own in leading conversations with experts in a variety of industries.

  • Write strong, captivating, engaging headlines. 

  • Monitor news and be ready to propose stories to customers and editors, based on emerging news trends and our customers’ business objectives. 

More about Deke:

We are a fast-growing company. Employees are based mostly in Canada and Denver, Colorado, but we have people working remotely from a wide range of locations. We hire people who reflect  our core values, generally referred to as the “Five C’s”: Curious – Intellectually and business-wise; Customer-focused – In everything we do; Collaborative – We’re people people, and we like each other and like working together; Connected – We’re fundamentally media and news entrepreneurs – we’re connected to the world and our communities and our interests and each other; Change Agents – We’re rethinking how expert analysis and opinion gets created. We are an equal-opportunity employer.

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Seniority level: Mid-senior level
Employment type: Full-time.
Industry: digital media
Location: Remote or in a Denver office.