Bloomberg Industry Group
Arlington, VA

Job Description

Responsible for several key aspects of running the team — managing schedules and setting deadlines, using your news judgement to make reporting assignments and evaluating stories, and editing the work itself or ensuring that a content editor is editing. Helps drive the coverage from your group and assists the team leader in evaluating the team. Plays a key role driving reporters to break the biggest stories on their beats and produce high-quality enterprise and analysis stories.

Job Qualifications

• Excellent editing and story-management skills.
• Good news judgment to independently assign stories, organize and prioritize tasks, and run the day on the team.
• Strong sense of urgency to push reporters to quickly file important breaking news and then to edit and get those items to our customers fast.
• Ability to unpack complicated legal and government actions and help reporters make them interesting.
• Knowledge of digital news and information publishing operations.
• Effective change management skills and ability to help team leaders drive the group.
• Bachelor’s degree required.
• Minimum 5+ years in journalism.
• Demonstrated track record of success in management or project management/leadership experience.