The Seattle Times
Seattle, WA

Job Description

The Seattle Times seeks a hard-driving, creative reporter to cover, a tight-lipped company that has reshaped Seattle and is redefining how both consumers and major enterprises buy, work, and live. Covering perhaps the most influential and disruptive company in the global economy requires strong enterprise reporting, compelling writing and plenty of initiative and versatility, as well as business smarts; the result will be stories about social and economic changes with national impact.

Job Qualifications

This reporter should have considerable experience covering business and technology in print and online, and should take pride in being ahead of not only local competitors, but the national media as well. This is a fast-paced role that requires a solid foundation in journalistic principles and ethics, good interpersonal skills, the ability to juggle and quickly adapt to changing needs, familiarity with the latest tools and techniques (including both social media and data analysis), a knack for using alternative formats to tell stories, and the desire to work collaboratively with journalists across the newsroom.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Three years’ experience covering a demanding beat.
  • The ideal candidate must be good at working with financial documents; understanding technology and business strategy; breaking through PR gobbledygook; and developing a diverse range of sources from experts to workers.
  • Skilled at anticipating events and putting together stories that connect the dots and explain to our readers why these events are important.
  • Writing abilities must be sharp and wide-ranging, to produce stories that can regularly anchor the website and print sections.
  • A demonstrated ability to see the big picture beyond any immediate news story, and the ability to contextualize news for wider economic and social impacts and tensions
  • A proven commitment to equity in story choice, sourcing and framing.
  • A track record of using public records, data and other reporting techniques for watchdog/accountability reporting.
  • Should be comfortable on the other end of the microphone or camera as well, for occasional interviews on news involving the beat.
  • Adept with using social media and with measuring and interpreting analytics to inform future reporting.