Money-Media (FT Specialist)
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2022

Job Description

We need a data visualization reporter! Are you curious and creative? Do you like sifting through mounds of data, looking for trends and patterns? Do you think in pictures? Do you dabble in computer languages like Python and JavaScript to bring your ideas to life? We want an innovator who can analyze and wrangle data into stories, charts, interactive features and whatever the next cool thing is. We want someone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of data journalism (yes, you should be a journalist). We will invest in you: training, classes and conferences. What You’ll Be Responsible For You will come up with and execute data analysis articles and projects. Sometimes you’ll lend a hand to our other reporters to create data visualizations. You might also be asked to spot-check work done by others in our collegial newsroom. You’ll be helping cover the financial advisor market and the life insurance industry.

Job Qualifications

• A keen interest in data-driven reporting, visual journalism and business news.
• Experience doing quantitative analyses and using those results to create compelling stories and visualizations.
• Proficiency in tools and languages like Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
• A solid understanding of data analysis tools such as Python, R, Excel.
• Experience working as a journalist, preferably on a daily deadline.
• A track record of working successfully as part of a team.
• Strong ability to generate and pitch creative ideas.
• A detail-oriented, inquisitive nature, and being devoted to learning and improvement.