Voting Runs May 5 – May 12

Voting for the SABEW Board of Governors opens Thursday, May 5 and closes at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 12. Voting members will receive your ballot information direct from the online voting service provider If you are the voting member for your newsroom and also have an individual membership, you will receive two separate emails. If your newsroom voting representation has changed, please contact Tess McLaughlin.

Ballots will be cast for six open SABEW Board of Governors seats. They are three-year terms ending spring 2025.

*Incumbents running for reelection. 

David Crow
U.S. News Editor, Financial Times

It would be an honor to serve on the SABEW Board of Governors. Now more than ever, business news is at the center of world events, from the exodus of brands from Russia to the development of the Covid vaccines and the demands for companies to take a stance on social issues.

I have 15 years of journalism experience and have held a variety of reporting and editing roles during a decade at the Financial Times, including page one editor, banking editor and senior correspondent covering the US pharmaceuticals industry. As a reporter I have always tried to join the dots between business and society, such as the impact of high drug prices on patients, the devastation wrought by the opioid crisis and HSBC’s complex relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. I am currently the FT’s US news editor with responsibility for overseeing our American coverage and recruiting, mentoring, and training reporters in our growing network in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Latin America.

I would relish the opportunity to deploy and develop these skills further at SABEW. As a Brit working for a London-headquartered news outlet who has spent much of my career in New York, I also hope I can bring a unique international perspective to the board. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

*Alan Deutschman
Professor and Reynolds Endowed Chair of Business Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve on the SABEW board for the past three years, and I am excited about continuing this work in the years ahead. As a board member I helped SABEW President Caleb Silver with the creation, launch, and judging of the Best in Business Book Awards, and I’m looking forward to helping expand this program into new categories of competition. I have also worked with colleagues on the Educators’ Committee to develop useful new materials for journalism students and professors (including a recent Zoom panel discussion on internships, jobs, and careers), and I’m helping to launch a series of discussions for professors to share ideas about how they teach business journalism on college campuses. SABEW has offered me a wonderful way to connect with colleagues and to give back to the field that I’ve worked in for the past 35 years, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Nancy Farghalli
Executive Producer, Marketplace

My mission is to explain economic news in a way that’s unexpected and inclusive with context and voice— a mission that I believe is only possible by expanding the field of business journalism.   I have always been inspired to take risks, to experiment, to find a different way into a standard story, and to start over with the same amount of curiosity and drive.  That is the part of my approach to covering the economy, the part that I instill in every task, role, project or team I manage.  I care deeply about mentoring journalists and creating signature journalism.

I have worked vigorously to create an environment in which staff members can develop their voice.  I feel genuinely proud when I witness the editorial success of staff members I have worked with and managed.  Many of my co-workers have participated in SABEW programs and fellowships.  I have seen how those opportunities have expanded and deepened their journalism.  Watching that growth is why I want to contribute to SABEW’s purpose, to develop opportunities for journalists to ask questions about our craft, to create a space to take a pause, and to learn from each other.

Kristen Hallam
Deputy Managing Editor, S&P Global Market Intelligence

I chose business journalism over sports journalism 25 years ago, and I have never looked back. I enjoy telling compelling stories with accuracy and clarity so my readers can make business decisions with conviction.

The world needs smart, talented, scrupulous and curious business journalists, and these journalists need support to do their best work. To provide that support outside my newsroom, I have become more active in SABEW. I have judged categories in the Best in Business competition and moderated a webinar on earnings – one of my favorite topics.

I would like to take my participation to the next level and join SABEW’s Board of Governors. I would build on the organization’s work by sharing best practices and pro tips, focusing on diversity in our membership and the stories we tell, and strengthening connections in a time when many of us work remotely.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve on SABEW’s board, as I served on the Association of Health Care Journalists board from 2002-2008. Thank you for your consideration.

*James T. Madore
Economics Writer, Newsday

Dear SABEW Colleagues:

I’m seeking re-election to the Board of Governors to continue my work on our finances, advocacy for the First Amendment and outreach to young journalists and new media.

I’ve had the privilege to lead the Finance Committee during the pandemic. Working with Executive Director Kathleen Graham, we secured two Paycheck Protection Program loans, one of which has already converted to a grant. The loans maintained our talented staff during a time when many of our revenue-raising activities were suspended or pivoted to online platforms.

In addition, SABEW received a $150,000 Economic Injury Disaster Loan, which will help the organization as it navigates the new normal.

This government assistance, combined with Graham’s prudent actions and the Finance Committee’s strong oversight via monthly meetings, mean SABEW is in better financial shape than other journalism organizations. We need to keep it that way.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving as vice chair of the First Amendment Committee. We’ve got a great group, led by former SABEW president Henry Dubroff, that have produced strong statements and a webinar on press freedom. The work is valuable and sadly needed in this country and aboard.

I’ve also had the privilege to serve on the Executive Committee, judge the student categories of BIB and to moderate conference sessions and training workshops. I’ve endeavored to encourage people in my newsroom and elsewhere to participate in SABEW, particularly those who are new to business journalism.

SABEW is my journalistic home and has given me so much. With your support, I’d like to continue to give back.

Thank you for your consideration.

*Scott Wenger
Chief Content Officer and Managing Director, VolpeMiller

Supporting and guiding business journalists to do their best work has been a priority of mine as a longtime editor across almost all media platforms. As co-chair of SABEW’s Best in Business Awards committee, I’ve focused on broadening access to try to ensure the awards recognize exceptional content across the fast-growing spectrum of business and financial media platforms and formats. I believe SABEW is at its best when its membership roster and winners of the Best in Business Awards represent the breadth of extraordinary journalists at small (but potent!) outlets covering specific industries and small communities, medium-sized outlets that often recognize great stories first, and the large organizations with considerable resources and talent to deliver world-changing content.

Having worked at some of the smallest and some of the largest, I know that, in the right environment, journalists can develop and enhance their skills and do great work. By working to create BIB categories that recognize new and growing topics and formats and attracting journalists from organizations that have long had SABEW affiliations and those that have not yet discovered us, we can build a bigger, more representative and financially secure organization that can best serve business and financial journalists everywhere.