Duties of the SABEW Board of Governors

The work of board members is vital to success of SABEW. Here is a summary of the general duties and obligations of SABEW board members. Board members are:

• Required to attend in person the SABEW board and membership meetings. The board meets twice a year, at the annual SABEW spring and fall conference. The SABEW membership meetings also occur during the conferences. The SABEW board also meets by phone periodically and attendance is expected.

• Required to support SABEW’s fall and spring conference by purchasing a ticket to the event. In the event that you cannot attend, board members are encouraged to purchase a ticket and pay-it-forward by giving the registration to someone deserving in their newsroom or donating towards a SABEW conference scholarship. Board members are expected to cover all travel-related expenses and conference registration fees.

• Encouraged to advance SABEW’s message, promote SABEW events, encourage BIB participation and promote other SABEW priorities on social media.

• Asked to participate actively in at least one SABEW committee; many serve on several committees. Participation includes attending committee conference calls.

• Expected to adhere to and to promote SABEW’s Code of Ethics. SABEW is committed to promoting the highest professional standards of business journalism through its Code of Ethics. To that end, SABEW board members must exemplify those standards.

• Expected to become familiar with SABEW’s bylaws, programs, services and budget.

• Required to support SABEW’s development efforts through an annual personal donation. SABEW requires 100 percent board giving in the annual appeal effort.

• Expected to actively recruit new SABEW members. Expanding SABEW’s membership base to include all platforms is a priority.

• Required to serve as a judge in the Best in Business Competition.

• Counted on to promote SABEW’s conferences, workshops and the BIB contest by engaging colleagues and other business journalists. Among those actions: sending emails to colleagues, making personal phone calls and promoting on social media.

• Asked to keep an eye out for issues and trends that should be addressed by the SABEW board or the website or that might make for a good topic for discussion at the annual conference or workshops.

• Encouraged to contribute content to SABEW’s website, social media channels and member emails.

• Encouraged to provide sponsorship leads to the SABEW staff and when appropriate, facilitate introductions to decision-makers within your own company who can help advance SABEW’s financial goals through sponsorships, institutional memberships, award entrees and conference attendance.

• Encouraged to attend local SABEW meetups, programs and events.

• Required to annually review these responsibilities and reaffirm their commitment.

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