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The following are recorded webinars for business journalists. Our education committee has also created “how we did it” podcasts for journalism educators to use in journalism classrooms. Check them out.

June 23: Covering Red-Hot Inflation

May 12-13: #SABEW22 conference

April 11: Prepare to Launch

March 3: Covering the Economic Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Feb. 28: Effectively using public, private sector data in economic reporting

Feb. 15: Legends of Business News with Diana Henriques

Feb. 9: The Tipping Point

Jan. 28: The Gagging of America

Jan. 11: Legends of Business News with Carol Loomis


Dec. 16: How to Cover the Great Recession

Nov. 17: Reporting on Bankruptcies and Debt

Nov. 1: Strategies for Landing Jobs and Internships in Business Journalism

Sept 28: How to apply to a top journalism internship. Insider tips from new and veteran journalists

Sept 14: A Double Whammy – Medical debt and COVID

July 28: 10 Fundamental Documents and Data Sets New Business Reporters Need to Know About

July 20: Preventing Burnout

July 13: How Have Americans Coped Financially During the Pandemic?

June 30: Covering Cryptocurrency

April 21: Fact Checking for Business Journalists

April 8: Stock Market Fundamentals for Business Journalists

April 7: The Benefits of a Career in Business Journalism

March 23: How/When Will We Get Back to Work?

March 3: The New Rules of Business: How to Report on ESG

February 12: Story Ideas – What Are We Missing?

February 11: Racial Disparities and Impediments to Getting People Vaccinated

February 10: Vaccine Policy: What is the thinking behind who gets the vaccine and when?

February 9: Vaccine Distribution: Where’s it going? How to track what’s happening in your area

February 8: Vaccine and Therapeutics Development

February 3: Business and Economic Journalism

January 29: What is Business Journalism?

January 27: The Vaccine Rollout – How it’s going? Or not?

January 19: How to Thrive in a Virtual Newsroom




Covering Business When Business Isn’t Your Beat

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Covering red-hot inflation

By one measure, inflation is at its highest level since December 1981. Given the historically high level and sustained nature of soaring prices, it has weighed heavily on consumer sentiment and has served a wake-up call on the Federal Reserve. It also looms large heading into this year’s mid-term elections. Since inflation’s impacts are so pervasive and potentially damaging, there are a lot of different ways to report on this important and highly relevant topic, which is prominent in the news cycle.

Join us as our panel will help you better understand inflation and discuss how to best cover this red-hot topic across the variety of content platforms and outlets. You’ll also learn what the Federal Reserve is doing to try to attack inflation, the impacts of rising interest rates, the possibility of stagflation and other risks. We’ll also have time to take questions on this engaging and informative session.


  • Jeffrey Hill, Associate Commissioner for Prices and Living Conditions, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Jonnelle Marte, reporting on the Federal Reserve and the economy, Bloomberg
  • Dion Rabouin, reporter, The Wall Street Journal



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June 23 - Covering red-hot inflation


June 23
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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