Distinguished Achievement Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award was established in 1993 to single out individuals who have made a significant impact on the field of business journalism and who have served as a nurturing influence on others in the profession.


2024Bethany McLean, business journalist, author, Business Insider, CNBC, Fortune, Vanity Fair, Yahoo! Finance

2023Gail MarksJarvis, financial columnist, TV commentator & author, Chicago Tribune

2022Larry Kramer, USA Today, MarketWatch, TheStreet, CBS, The Washington Post

2021Sue Herera, anchor-at-large and founding member, CNBC

2020James B. Stewart, author, columnist, The New York Times,

2019Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist, The Washington Post

2018Gretchen Morgenson, senior special writer – investigations unit, The Wall Street Journal

2017Lawrence Ingrassia, managing editor, Los Angeles Times

2015 – Michael R. Bloomberg, founder, Bloomberg LP

2013 – Michael Lewis, author/contributing editor, Vanity Fair

2012Diana Henriques, The New York Times

2011 – Donald Barlett and James Steele, Vanity Fair

2009Ray Shaw*, American City Business Journals

2008Floyd Norris, The New York Times

2007 – Paul Steiger, ProPublica

2006 – Carol Junge Loomis, Fortune magazine

2005 – Stephen B. Shepard, City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism

2004 – Linda O’Bryon, PBS’ “Nightly Business Report”

2003 – James K. “Jimmy” Gentry, University of Kansas School of Journalism

2003 – Randy Smith, The Kansas City Star

2002 – Byron “Barney” Calame, The Wall Street Journal

2001 – Allan Sloan, ProPublica

2000 – Ernest Holsendolph, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

1999 – Chet Currier*, The Associated Press and Bloomberg News

1999 – John Cuniff*, The Associated Press

1998 – Marshall Loeb*, Money magazine, Fortune magazine

1997 – Chris Welles*, BusinessWeek

1996 – Cheryl Hall, Dallas Morning News

1995 – Larry Birger*, Miami Herald

1994 – Myron Kandel, CNN Business News

1993 – Hobart Rowan*, The Washington Post



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