Best in Business FAQs

Q: Is there a timespan entrants should adhere to for the real-time reporting categories?
A: This category is intended to reward journalism that happens in the moments as news is breaking (in real time). Stories published hours later would not be eligible for this category.

Q: May we enter the same story in a story topic category and a story type category?
A: Yes. In fact, you can enter the same story in one story topic and one story type category. However, you cannot use the same story in more than one story topic category or more than one story type category.

Q: How do we submit a series if we are only allowed three elements?
A: We suggest submitting the best three examples of the series. You may submit more information about the series, including a URL to a page with the rest of the series, in your cover letter.

You may submit up to five elements in the General Excellence category, however.

Q: Can you help me understand how General Excellence works.

A: General Excellence is set up to showcase the organization. There are five different areas of coverage you can choose from and you must submit from at least three of the five.

Q: In a collaboration, does every participating organization have to be a member?

No. But at least one person in each byline must be a SABEW member for each element you submit.

Q: In a collaboration, how do I determine which size group to enter? 

A: Editorial staff size for collaborations must be based on a combination of all the newsrooms.

Q: When will I find out if I won?
A: Winners will be notified during the month of March.

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