Cox-SABEW Fellowship

The Cox-SABEW Fellowship recognizes students who are learning and engaging in business journalism. It is sponsored and funded by the University of Georgia’s Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership, Grady College who have embraced business journalism and qualified for the recognition through professional experience and student media. This program started in 2013 and has recognized 60 students as Cox-SABEW Fellows.


2023 Fellows

Lilly Kersh,
Allison Mawn,
Dawn Sawyer




2022 Fellows

Michael Banks,
Jacqueline GaNun,
Kate Hester,
Lucinda Warnke



2021 Fellows

Ansleigh Edwards, Carah Jones,
Haley Roberson, Kate Hester,
Spencer Pipkin, Michael Banks,
Jessica Green, Emily Petraglia,
Thomas Ehlers, Jamie Miller


2020 Fellows

Savannah Sicurella, Jayla Johnson,
Jessica Green, Tyler Wilkins,
Jamie Miller, Allison Caso,
Aleeza Rasheed, Emily Garcia,
Alexis Brock, Caroline Kurzawa,
Caroline Odom, Katherine Lewis


2019 Fellows

Mikaela Cohen, Erin Schilling,
Amy Scott, Ashlyn Webb,
Skylar Nicholson, Jada Bowman,
Kelly Mayes



2018 Fellows

Collin Huguley
Charlotte Norsworthy
Amy Scott
John Durham



2017 Fellows

Reann Huber, Mollie Simon,
Alexander Soderstrom, Lisa Fu,
Denver Ellison, Zachary Hansen


2016 Fellows

Michelle Baruchman, Daniel Funke, Kaitlyn Yarborough, SABEW Board Member Marilyn Geewax,
William Robinson, Lauren Herbert



2015 Fellows

Kinsey Clark
Grace Donnelly
Brittney Laryea
Kendall Trammell



2014 Fellows

SABEW President Joanna Ossinger
with Katy Roberts




2013 Fellows

Kathleen Laporte, Cailin O’Brien,
Maria Torres, Nick Fouriezos

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