Division I: Digital

Group Digital 1: Up to 2.5 million unique visitors per month

Group Digital 2: More than 2.5 million unique visitors per month

Unless otherwise noted, entries may include up to five elements, including but not limited to stories, videos and graphics.

Submit entries as permalink URLs.

A one-page, double-spaced cover letter may be submitted as a PDF with entries. (Style the PDF title like this: yournamecoverletter.pdf)

1. Breaking News

Defined as coverage of a single news event on the day it breaks. Can be reactive reporting of news that breaks, or proactive news broken by a reporter or news organization’s reporting staff.

2. Commentary

Reported coverage that reflects the point of view of a writer, writers, and/or news organization. Category includes unsigned editorials, individual columns, and blogs.

Entrants should choose four examples published during the contest year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2015) and submit them as either PDFs or permalink URLs.

For unsigned editorials, names of editorial board members must be included in the list of contributors.

3. Explanatory

Defined as in-depth reporting that presents, defines, unpacks, and simplifies a single important topic and/or news event in a way that allows the reader/listener/viewer to understand it more clearly.

4. Feature

Reporting that: a) does not require a time element to be relevant; and b) demonstrates creative approaches to writing and/or presentation.

5. General Excellence

An entry will consist of a digital news organization’s URL, plus four permalink URLs of work from 2015 that illustrates a digital news organization’s quality and strength over the contest year.

6. Investigative

In-depth, enterprise reporting that: a) presents important and necessary information that was unknown to the general readership/viewership and was unavailable from other sources before publication; and b) demonstrates an obvious need for change in law/policy/behavior.


(updated 11/17/2015)

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