What will happen to the ACA now?

Donald Trump vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, telling a crowd at a rally toward the end of his campaign “it’s one of the single most important reasons why we must win on Nov.. 8.”  Now, with a Republican-controlled Congress, that goal is within reach. How will that happen and what will the Republicans put in its place? What will that mean for the 20 million Americans who now have Obamacare? How will it impact hospitals, which have heavily invested in ACA reforms?

On SABEW’s next teletraining session, hear from experts on what they believe a Trump presidency will mean for health care and its potential impact on the health care industry and consumers.

Listen to the recording.


Melanie Evans is the hospital reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Previously, she was the New York bureau chief at Modern Healthcare, a weekly magazine covering U.S. healthcare business and policy. She began her career at the Duluth (Minn.) Tribune, where she covered healthcare and nonprofits.


Gary Claxton is a Vice President, the Director of the Health Care Marketplace Project and Co-Director of the Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Kevin Dahill is President and CEO of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council and the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association, which together comprise a total of 51 hospitals. He also serves as Executive Vice President of the Healthcare Association of New York State.

Paul Ginsburg is the Leonard D. Schaeffer Chair in Health Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution. He is also Professor of Health Policy at the Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California and serves as Director of Public Policy at the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics.

Kevin Lucia is a Senior Research Fellow and Project Director at the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. Mr. Lucia currently directs policy research and analysis of federal and state laws and programs related to private health insurance and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.


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