2018 Health/Science; Large

Winner – A collaboration of ICIJ, Avrotros, NBC News Investigative Unit, The Associated Press and more than 50 media partners: The implant files

  • Contributor – Reporting & Data Teams
  • Judges’ Comments – In a year full of health-related investigations, this effort was in a league of its own. The depth of reporting to uncover the hidden dangers of medical devices and the lax oversight that puts patients at risk, coupled with the breadth of a transnational investigation that revealed countries with woefully negligent systems of protecting their citizens, made this story the clear winner. A tremendous public service is the project’s creation of a first-ever searchable database of problematic medical devices in various countries.

Honorable Mention – Financial Times: Opioid crisis and the Sackler family

  • Contributor – David Crow
  • Judges’ Comments – The name adorns some of the nation’s most prestigious museums and other institutions: Sackler. Yet the family behind the drug Oxycontin had largely escaped a day of reckoning for their role in fueling the opioid crisis. But that changed this past year, when a groundswell of reporting by various news organizations put the Sackler family’s complicity centerstage in the public consciousness. This project was the spark that lit that flame, and its full impact is still unfolding.
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