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Winner – The Weekly Standard: Telemarketers, ahoy

  • Contributor – Tony Mecia
  • Judges’ Comments – A fresh look at a ubiquitous annoyance that addressed the question: Why, after all these years, does the problem seem to be getting even worse, and isn’t there anything else that can shut this down? This was a story in the true sense of the word, with a top section that grabbed and held you, and a great lead character looking to make a business out of the revenge fantasies we have about these scammers. It even made you unexpectedly laugh out loud in a couple of places. Despite the light-hearted storytelling approach, it was so thorough and well-researched that we were left with no questions at the end.

Honorable Mention – The New Food Economy: Silicon Valley wants to give us eggs without chickens. Do we want that?

  • Contributor – Joe Fassler
  • Judges’ Comments – You’ll never look at chicken quite the same way after reading this lead section. A compelling, well-sourced and hugely educational look at how the protein of the future will be created.
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