For more information on how to look after your mental health during Covid-19, read Dr. Feinstein’s list of tips.

Journalists are also first responders in this pandemic, and are at-risk for illness and possible death with each assignment. How do you protect our physical and mental health? How can we protect our loved ones and colleagues from accidental transmission?

Learn how to avoid depression from two leading experts. Dr. Anthony Feinstein of the University of Toronto is a psychiatrist and an expert on the mental health of journalists. He has co-published a study on the impact on journalists covering the refugee crisis in Europe.

Scott McKiernan, founder of ZUMA Press, has been on frontlines of disasters and conflicts for decades as an award-winning  photojournalist. He now manages of large army of journalist “first responders” worldwide who cover the global pandemic as well as the ongoing war zones of Syria and Libya.

This session is sponsored by the International Press Institute’s North American Committee, SABEW, and the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Facilitated by Marty Steffens, SABEW Chair at the University of Missouri and IPI Executive Board member, and co-author of “Reporting Disaster on Deadline,” a textbook on disaster reporting.