Crypto chaos is being played out against the backdrop of wider market problems. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being affected by concerns over rising inflation, stablecoins role, the Ukraine war and how much government involvement in its ecosystem.

Last month, #SABEW22 had a Crypto Chat session where it was asked “Did you did you come for the drama and stay for the value, or come for the value and stay for the drama?”

Watch here.

Today, the shift of economic conditions is continuing its stress test. With the ongoing market volatility, #SABEW22’s Crypto Chat session has a lot of information to help business and economic journalists navigate its coverage of digital currency.

The skills session, for business journalists, journalism educators and students, took place on May 12 at the Dotdash Meredith New York office in the city’s financial district. #SABEW22 was a two-day event, themed Moving Forward – The future of business and the economy in the “new, new normal,” preparing attendees for future business and economic reporting with content, skills, and newsmakers covering a broad range of business topics.

You can find and watch all the #SABEW22 sessions here.