Budgeting while abroad: The Guinness can wait

By Connor Mills  I believe that if a college student has the opportunity to study abroad — they should take it. Undergraduate study abroad programs are extensive and diverse, including a plethora of … Read more

Out-of-state universities are not out of reach

By Sydney Boeger In the last semester of my undergraduate degree, I asked my dad what the cost difference was for me to attend a public out-of-state university compared to my sister attending … Read more

How to work multiple jobs while in college

By Karly Balslew  It was two days after I turned sixteen, I started my first job working at McDonald’s. Since that day, I have always worked a job. Sometimes two jobs, this semester … Read more

Eating clean on a budget in college

By Jordan Thornsberry  The cost of groceries has risen more than 10.2% in the last year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While diet culture and workout trends are topics many … Read more

You’re never too broke for a free trial

By Rachael Henderson  In my opinion, college is all about learning how to finesse. This can manifest in multiple different ways, but the biggest way is money. Don’t have enough money for dinner? … Read more

Smart swaps for saving for college students

By Ellie Marshall  College. Some consider it the best four years of their life, while for others, graduation could not come sooner. Everyone’s individual experience is as unique as they are, but one … Read more

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