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April Teletraining: “Business Freelancing: How to be successful as an independent journalist” Monday, April 13, 2015

Today’s Journalism: What it takes to survive and thrive in the business 3/16/2015

“The New Blueprint for Mobile Journalism,” 2/24/2015

“The Internet and digital journalism: What reporters and editors need to know,” 1/12/15


“Cybersecurity and the holiday retail season,” 11/17/2014

“Rising Healthcare Costs: How to uncover stories,” 10/27/14

“Data is King: How to use and analyze economic reports” 9/14/14

 “Inflation and food costs: Telling impactful stories,” 8/18/14

“Using lobbying databases to track influence in Washington” 7/21/14

 “Reader Behavior and the Economics of Digital News,” 6/16/14

 WEBINAR: “Update on the health insurance marketplaces for small businesses,” 5/29/14

 “How to Ace Your Early Video Appearances,” 5/19/14

“Freelance Training: Secrets to Success” 4/28/14

 “Sourcing a New Beat” 3/17/14

“How to Use LinkedIn as a Reporting Tool” 2/24/14

“Covering Technology if You’re Not a Techie”1/13/14


“The Budget Beat: Where are the Fiscal Talks Heading?” 12/16/2013

“From Turkey to Tinsel: Covering the Holiday Retail Season” 11/18/13

“Health Care 101: How will the Affordable Care Act impact open enrollment?” 10/28/13

 ”Entrepreneurial Journalism:Developing Your Brand” 9/16/13

“Planes,Trains and Automobiles” 8/19/13

“Interviewing Techniques from the Pros” 7/22/13

“Ethics in a New Media World” 6/17/13

“Covering the College Debt Crisis” 5/21/13

“Tips for great reporting and storytelling” 4/29/13

“How to Cover the Sequester and How to Find Local Angles on the Story” 3/18/13

“How to Break News: Staying Competitive in a 24-hour News Environment by Producing High-Quality Compelling News Coverage” 2/25/13

 ”How to make tax season interesting for readers” 1/14/13


“Housing Recovery: Now What?” 12/10/12

“Fresh ideas for covering retail during the holiday season” 11/12/12

“Online and On Time: How to make your writing sing for the web and multimedia” 10/15/12

“Looking for Your Dream Job?” 9/17/12

“Covering Health Care in the Wake of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision,” 8/20/12

“How to Turn Your Beat Reporting into A Book,” 7/23/12

“Marrying Politics and the Economy: Business Coverage in an Election Year.” 6/18/12

“Teletraining: Freelancers’ Bootcamp — Real World Tricks and Tips.” 5/21/12

“How to Find Sources & Stories on Social Media.” 4/23/12

“Making Sense of Tax Season.” 2/20/12

“Fresh Ideas for Covering the Housing and Foreclosure Crisis.” 1/23/12


“Covering your local pension plan.” 12/5/2011

“Making it Work: Maintaining Quality in Today’s Newsrooms.” 6/20/2011

“Covering the Runup (and Down) of Gasoline Prices.” 5/23/2011

“Editing Business News: Best Practices.” 2/28/2011

“Editing Business News: Best Practices.” 1/24/2011


Tip Sheets

Health Care Resources from the Commonwealth Fund

Health Care Resources from the Kaiser Family Foundation

Finding out if a CEO has backdated options

Covering bankruptcy court

Tips for better economic stories-I

Five Easy Pieces: A. Starter Kit For S.E.C. Filings

Earnings tip sheet for beginners

10 Steps to Take When a New Company Comes to Town



The Fed’s Janet Yellen keynote speech at SABEW’s 2013 Spring Conference

Sree Sreenivasan speaks at the 2012 SABEW Fall Conference at CUNY

An interview with Diana Henriques, SABEW’s 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award winner at the 2012 SABEW Fall Conference at CUNY

An interview with Lex Fenwick, CEO of Dow Jones

An interview with Robert Khuzami, enforcement chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission

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