Training Archive 2010-2015


Health Care Teletraining: “Got a question about health insurance?” Thursday, Dec. 3, 205

October Teletraining: “Market Madness: Understanding – and covering – a turbulent stock market” Monday, Oct. 26, 2015

September Teletraining: “Media Strategy: How journalists can develop a personal brand” Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

August Teletraining: “How to Succeed in a Metric-Driving News Operation” Monday, August 17, 2015

May Teletraining: ” How to use LinkedIn as a reporting tool” Monday, May 18, 2015

April Teletraining:”Business Freelancing: How to be successful as an independent journalist” Monday, April 13, 2015

Today’s Journalism: What it takes to survive and thrive in the business 3/16/2015

“The New Blueprint for Mobile Journalism,” 2/24/2015

“The Internet and digital journalism: What reporters and editors need to know,” 1/12/15


“Inflation and food costs: Telling impactful stories,” 8/18/14

“Using lobbying databases to track influence in Washington” 7/21/14

“Reader Behavior and the Economics of Digital News,” 6/16/14

WEBINAR: “Update on the health insurance marketplaces for small businesses,” 5/29/14

“How to Ace Your Early Video Appearances,” 5/19/14

“Freelance Training: Secrets to Success” 4/28/14

“Sourcing a New Beat” 3/17/14

“How to Use LinkedIn as a Reporting Tool” 2/24/14

“Covering Technology if You’re Not a Techie”1/13/14


“The Budget Beat: Where are the Fiscal Talks Heading?” 12/16/2013

“From Turkey to Tinsel: Covering the Holiday Retail Season” 11/18/13

“Health Care 101: How will the Affordable Care Act impact open enrollment?” 10/28/13

”Entrepreneurial Journalism:Developing Your Brand” 9/16/13

“Planes,Trains and Automobiles” 8/19/13

“Interviewing Techniques from the Pros” 7/22/13

“Ethics in a New Media World” 6/17/13

“Covering the College Debt Crisis” 5/21/13

“Tips for great reporting and storytelling” 4/29/13

“How to Cover the Sequester and How to Find Local Angles on the Story” 3/18/13

“How to Break News: Staying Competitive in a 24-hour News Environment by Producing High-Quality Compelling News Coverage” 2/25/13

”How to make tax season interesting for readers” 1/14/13


“Housing Recovery: Now What?” 12/10/12

“Fresh ideas for covering retail during the holiday season” 11/12/12

“Online and On Time: How to make your writing sing for the web and multimedia” 10/15/12

“Looking for Your Dream Job?” 9/17/12

“Covering Health Care in the Wake of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision,” 8/20/12

“How to Turn Your Beat Reporting into A Book,” 7/23/12

“Marrying Politics and the Economy: Business Coverage in an Election Year.” 6/18/12

“Teletraining: Freelancers’ Bootcamp — Real World Tricks and Tips.” 5/21/12

“How to Find Sources & Stories on Social Media.” 4/23/12

“Making Sense of Tax Season.” 2/20/12

“Fresh Ideas for Covering the Housing and Foreclosure Crisis.” 1/23/12

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