staff photographerJames T. Madore (Incumbent)
Senior Business Writer/Economy

I would like to be considered for nomination to the SABEW Board of Governors for the Spring 2016 elections.

I have served on the board for nearly three years and led the Finance Committee for about two years. The committee meets every month via teleconference to review SABEW’s finances and to suggest adjustments in spending and revenue generation. The committee strives to help SABEW stay within its budget. The committee also assists the Executive Director in developing the budget and making a recommendation to the Execom and full board.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the Execom for two years and to serve as a judge for the BIB competitions in the United States and Canada.

I am seeking re-election to the board because I would like to assist SABEW in stabilizing its finances by raising additional revenue and maintaining cost controls. I also want to continue to work on the Century Fund, an account meant for long-term investments that will strengthen SABEW.

I have been a SABEW member since 1989. I hope to encourage journalists of all ages and from all platforms to join SABEW, and uphold the journalistic principles that the organization stands for.

Thank you for your consideration.