avatar.jpg.320x320pxXana Antunes (Incumbent)
Editor of New Initiatives

My short stint on the SABEW board serving out the term of a departing board member has afforded me a close-up appreciation of the vital role the organization plays in the business journalism community.

SABEW is an ideal forum to advance excellence in coverage of the global economy, nurture and share best practices, set high ethical standards, and provide networking opportunities for members. Its annual Best in Business awards offer both a measuring stick and a guidepost for our profession as it navigates evolving platforms of choice, quicksilver audiences, and prevailing values and standards that are routinely reapplied and reinterpreted.

These are all areas in which I can make a real, and I hope, lasting contribution, in the spirit of giving back. I bring deep experience in our profession to the task, having worked in leadership roles across newspapers (NY Post), magazines (Fortune, Fortune.com), and television (CNBC Digital). Today, as Editor for New Initiatives at Quartz, I’m able to put that experience at the service of a young and innovative business publication that’s quickly established a reputation for smart, thoughtful coverage.

And that’s the perspective I want to bring to the SABEW board. The globalization of business — and the digitization of everything — calls for a professional body that’s especially attuned to the challenges and opportunities before us. I can both help infuse the organization with a deeper digital sensibility, and help members develop the tools and skills they need as they transition to a fully digital future.