Maheshwari, SapnaSapna Maheshwari (Incumbent)
Business reporter
Buzzfeed news

SABEW’s core mission to encourage and uphold “the highest standards of economic journalism” has never been more important than at this point in history. Corporations are influencing people’s lives in unprecedented ways — sometimes good, often bad — and have a growing array of tools with which to silence or dilute fearless, substantive business reporting.

This becomes a greater threat as the media industry grapples internally with the number of new outlets covering business — something I’m well acquainted with having departed Bloomberg News for BuzzFeed News.

SABEW should be a place for business reporters and those interested in becoming business reporters to gain new skills and stay on top of changes in the industry, especially as we navigate massive amounts of new data and new forms of storytelling. It should also help keep reporters up to speed on how companies are engaging with journalists and readers and provide forums for discussing those changes.

How are platforms like Medium being used? What databases are reporters getting entered into? Are advertisers and publishers behaving appropriately as it relates to business journalism? I would love to see an email newsletter out of SABEW that regularly highlights the above, as well as examples of excellent business reporting, as there is so much fantastic work coming out of such a variety of outlets these days.

Finally, I admire SABEW’s efforts thus far at reaching out to young business journalists, as well as women and people of color — I’d love to aid in this effort and help SABEW become more of a resource for these groups. It would be an honor to be elected to a full term on the board.