Section 1.
The name of the corporation is the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Inc. The Society is incorporated in Illinois and shall maintain a registered office and a registered agent whose business office is identical with such registered office. The Society may have additional offices, including its administrative headquarters, within or without the state.

Section 2.
The purpose of the Society is to serve as an educational organization and specifically to encourage and facilitate continuing education in reporting, writing, editing and producing economic and financial news. This mission is accomplished, among other ways, through an annual convention of its members; specialized meetings as determined by the board of governors; a membership directory; achievement awards; and periodic communications by the administrative office. The Society also shall encourage members to communicate with each other and help create a network of member interaction.

Section 3.
The purpose of the Society is to improve the competence and independence of business journalism, particularly as it applies to the people’s right to know about economic events and issues. The Society shall publish and promote a code of ethics for business journalism by which members are expected to guide their actions.

Section 4.
The Society shall not allow its name to be used for tacit or implicit endorsement of another group, unless approved by the board of governors.