Section 1.
Actions taken by the members at the annual membership meeting shall be by majority vote of the voting members in good standing, registered for the convention, at the meeting at which a quorum is present. A quorum shall be 25 members present in person. Each institutional member shall have one vote.

Section 2.
Potential amendments to the bylaws will be considered by a governance or bylaws committee. This committee will be passed directly to the full board of governors for a vote. If the amendments are approved by a two-thirds vote of the governors, they will be presented to the membership. Bylaws may be amended only by a two-thirds vote of members in good standing, present in person, at the annual membership meeting.

Section 3.
The annual conference location shall be decided by a majority of the board of governors. The board of governors may establish or sanction seminars, regional meetings or other events. (changed 2002)

Section 4.
The Society’s annual convention and other educational or informational meetings shall be open to all who meet the registration requirements as established by the board of governors. Participation at the membership meeting during the Society’s annual convention shall be open only to voting members. All meetings are open for news coverage at no cost to the media, except for food expenses when the program director believes it is necessary.