In today’s publishing landscape, scale means more than ever. There’s been a growing trend of news acquisitions. While some publishers are reliant on ad-based revenue, many publishing models are shifting to consumer revenue with more lux appeal.

In May, #SABEW22 featured Neil Vogel, chief executive officer of Dotdash Meredith, on how their recent acquisition positioned them as game changers in the industry and ow the company, moving forward, will invest in print products that cater to hyper-enthusiasts.

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Vogel’s newsmaker session at #SABEW22 took place on May 13 at the Dotdash Meredith New York office in the city’s financial district. #SABEW22 was a two-day event themed Moving Forward – The future of business and the economy in the “new, new normal,” preparing attendees for future business and economic reporting with content, skills, and newsmakers covering a broad range of business topics.


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