College Connect – My first paycheck

Posted By David Wilhite

By Ross Leviton

One of my first, and most memorable times with money was after the arrival of my first paycheck. I had volunteered with a company for a few months and they had decided to hire me, which meant I was going to get paid!

I remember having to figure out my Social Security number and the confusion I felt when I first had a W-2 placed in front of me. I turned my timesheet in to my boss and I had came up with a general idea of how much I was going to make. With a growing anticipation, I regularly checked the mail after school until it finally showed up. I ripped the envelope open, unfolded the check from the attached statement and had to take a double take. It had seemed as if a third of the check was missing, I carefully examined the numbers on the attached statement and came to a quick realization that paying taxes is no fun!

Ross Leviton is a student at Arizona State University.

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