College Connect – My first paycheck

Posted By David Wilhite on Tuesday March 7, 2017

By Ross Leviton

One of my first, and most memorable times with money was after the arrival of my first paycheck. I had volunteered with a company for a few months and they had decided to hire me, which meant I was going to get paid!

I remember having to figure out my Social Security number and the confusion I felt when I first had a W-2 placed in front of me. I turned my timesheet in to my boss and I had came up with a general idea of how much I was going to make. With a growing anticipation, I regularly checked the mail after school until it finally showed up. I ripped the envelope open, unfolded the check from the attached statement and had to take a double take. It had seemed as if a third of the check was missing, I carefully examined the numbers on the attached statement and came to a quick realization that paying taxes is no fun!

Ross Leviton is a student at Arizona State University.

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