First Amendment Committee

Chair Henry Dubroff, founder and editor of Pacific Coast Business Times
Vice Chair James T. Madore, economics writer, Newsday


  • Rebecca Baker, editor-at-large, tax insights and commentary, Bloomberg Industry Group
  • Matt Drange, senior correspondent, Business Insider
  • Glenn Hall, partner and executive editor, Brunswick Group
  • Kevin G. Hall, North America editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
  • Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst, Washington Bureau chief, Bankrate
  • James B. Nelson, business editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, instructor at Marquette University
  • Kim Quillen, business source editor, Chicago Tribune
  • Marty Steffens, SABEW Chair in business and financial journalism, University of Missouri
  • Clare Trapasso, executive news editor,

First Amendment Legal Counsel

  • Steven D. Zansberg, founder, Law Office of Steven D. Zansberg, LLC

Committee Objectives

  • Protects press freedoms and serves as a watchdog over government agencies, ensuring that journalists and all citizens have access to accurate, relevant government-supported data. 
  • Issues statements in support of press freedom and for sufficient funding of government-collected and issued information. 
  • Engages government officials, private economists, watchdogs, other stakeholders and the public on the importance of robust and transparent economic and financial data as well as on the mission of business and financial journalism more broadly.
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