On Labor Day, SABEW celebrates the critical work business journalists, including its many members, do to cover the evolving story about pandemic and recovery and we ask the nation’s newsrooms to continue to invest in financial journalism.

As we approach Labor Day 2022, there has never been a greater need to encourage and protect access to employment data and government experts at the local, state and national levels.

Across the country, companies and consumers are depending on accurate data about the employment picture to make decisions about how to operate their corporate and family budgets. Access to transparent and timely labor statistics is a nonpartisan issue that Republicans and Democrats must support to inform people, businesses and policymakers about the state of the economy locally, regionally and nationally.

Data collection and analysis that happens without fear or favor is in the best interest of a free society. The dozens of analysts who compile economic reports are essential to the effective operation of the world’s largest economy.

And a free press is essential to having a wide ranging debate about what that data signals so that members of the public, decision makers and investors can make informed decisions. SABEW recognizes that economic freedom is inextricably linked to political freedom and that an informed citizenry can ensure these freedoms are sustained.

It is SABEW’s mission as an independent, non-profit organization to encourage comprehensive reporting of economic events without fear or favoritism and to increase members’ skills and knowledge through continuous education.