Executive Committee 

  • SABEW President, Desiree Hanford, assistant professor and director of academic integrity and appeals, Medill/Northwestern University
  • SABEW Vice President, James B. Nelson, business editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, instructor at Marquette University, vice chair
  • SABEW Secretary/Treasurer, Pia Sarkar, deputy business editor for enterprise and storytelling, Associated Press
  • Oliver Staley, senior business editor, Observer
  • Ex-officio member – immediate Past President, Glenn Hall, past editor of professional news, The Wall Street Journal
  • Ex-officio member – finance chair, James T. Madore, economics writer, Newsday

Best in Business Committee

Best in Business Book Committee

Diversity Committee

Finance Committee

First Amendment Committee

Governance Committee

Investment Task Force

Nominations Committee

Training Committee 

University Outreach Committee